Monday, June 17, 2013

More follicle checks

Ok I had a lot of visits that were pretty much the same. We went in Thursday (the 6th), Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The follicle that was 15 stayed at 15 except on Sat. It shrank a little. Finally on Wednesday it grew to 16 (which the nurse told me on Tues that if it was at 16 when I come back in we would go ahead and do the hcg shot). So I was really happy to see it at first. Well then there was another guy around 13mm so the nurse who was doing the u/s said we could go ahead and do the hcg shot or do two more days of shots and let the second guy catch up. I had two vials of medicine left so we thought it would be good to use them up and having two follicles are better than one. All together I did 12 days of shots. Friday we went in and the 16mm one grew to 19x22! But we couldn't find the other one. So they gave me the hcg shot and we scheduled the IUI. We were pretty excited! Saturday at 8am we went in to give them Joshua's guys so they could run tests. Finally 45 mins later they took us back. We got Joshua's results and his count is at 23 million and mobility is at 87%. All of that is really good! So we did the IUI. I didn't feel a thing, it was great! So now we wait to test. I will post in my blog if I am pregnant after I tell all of our families. We can't wait!!

Father's Day was great! We had already bought him a workbench so he can start with woodworking. But Sunday morning I surprised him with a new drill. He loves it! It's going to be nice to build things exactly how I want them.

Saturday we are headed to Ohio for the week to look at houses. Then the 30th I am going to see NKOTB in St. Louis with Tracey! I'm very excited!  

Monday, June 3, 2013

Follicle Check!

We had an appointment today at 9:15. I had an u/s done to check the follicles in the ovaries. Left one was up first! There are two in there that are around 9mm each. The right one is doing real well. One of the follicles is 15mm!! If it was 16 we would've done the trigger shot and the IUI tomorrow. But it's not so we have to wait. I can't remember the other one's size. She gave me two choices. I could not do the shots of Brevelle and let them try to grow on their own and go back on Thursday to check or take a vial today, tomorrow, and Wednesday and go in on Thursday to check. They should go up 1 or 2mm in size everyday on their own but since I have leftover shots from a year ago and they haven't expired we decided I do the shots. We are pretty excited. Looking back at last year's post, the follicles are growing much better on just taking the pills! Woohoo! Well until the next visit :) Goodnight!!