Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Small Update and Rant

So I went to the dr on Wed and the Femara didn't work. They called me on Thurs to see if I could start letrozol (sp?) that day and take for 5 days. Then I would come in on Tues to get more tests done and if those pills didn't work I would get a shot of letrozol. Well I was pretty excited until I remembered Joshua will be out of town for about 3 weeks. Yeah so scratch that idea. I get to start my cycle over again and try next month. Oh and we have been talking about adoption. If by the time he puts on Captain and we aren't close to getting pregnant we will start the adoption process.

Ok now for my next part. A friend told me I should write about what people shouldn't say to ladies that are dealing with what I'm going through. I understand some people have said some of the things to me do not take offense!!! This is really just to get off my chest.

1. Don't tell me to not stress over it. I am trying not to and by you saying that doesn't help. It's so hard to not stress when the only thing you have ever wanted to do is be a mother!

2. Never say it will happen one day. It might and might not. You are not God, he has chosen if it will or won't and I accept that.

3. Please please please don't tell me I can have your child. I don't think it is funny. Would you want your child to know you don't want him/her? I would give anything to have any kind of moment with my own child. So think of that when you are having a "tough" day.

What you can say is that you are praying or thinking of me. That always makes me feel good.

I'm not sorry if it sounds harsh bc that is how I feel but I am sorry if you take offense even though I said you shouldn't.

Ok I am done. Have a great night!