Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A pretty long update

So sorry I haven't updated. We started a new cycle in the middle of February and I learned how to give myself shots. But I didn't get to finish b/c we left for FL on March 7th. So that cycle was another bust!! So to recap I still haven't been able to grow an egg :( It has been pretty frustrating but life happens and I have had that trip planned since the Summer. He was only with me in FL for a week and I stayed for 5 more weeks.

We took a nice trip to Universal Studios, Islands Of Adventure, and Sea World. It was so much fun and definitely a much needed vacation.
Love the shirts we got!!

I spent the rest of my time in Florida visiting my older sister and nieces and getting ready for my 3rd niece to be born (I better have a boy!!), going to the beach, going out dancing, and getting sick :(. My younger sister wasn't due til April 5th but she had Addison (Addie) early on March 31st at 11:24pm. Here are some more pics:
My mom Krissy, my twin Tracey, me, and my younger sister Shana (can't even tell she is pregnant!)

Addie with full head of hair and highlights!!

My oldest nieces Kierstynn and Cera

So I got back to ABQ on April 18th. I loved being with my family but I was so glad to be back home with Joshua (and I'm sure he was glad to have me back!). I called the dr the next day to start a new cycle and even though I took a pregnancy test the day before and got a negative I still had to go in to get a blood test so I could start progesterone. Of course it was negative and I got to start the pills. When my cycle finally started, on day 5 I started the Femara pills through day 9. I went in for an ultrasound and my eggs didn't grow so I had to give myself Brevelle shots. They told me to do a vial that day and another vial on Sat then go in on Sunday (Mother's Day) for another ultrasound to check the girls (ovaries) and see if they have grown some eggs. The shots aren't bad at all. The hardest part is getting the medicine in the shot w/out bubbles. Bubbles aren't bad but you want to get all the medicine you can. So on Sunday Joshua finally went w/ me to the dr. Of course he still doesn't know what he was looking at on the ultrasound, lol. But there was an egg that was about 12x12. The dr told me he wanted atleast one egg 17x17 or 18x18. So it's progress! We talked about doing IUI and decided to do that when it was time. I was told to take half a vial that day and come back on Tuesday afternoon for another ultrasound check. Tuesday the egg in the left ovary was 16x12. The right one was being very shy. Oh was that painful!! But there weren't any big ones in her anyway. So to keep the one in the left growing I was told to take another half on Tues and then another half on Wed then come in early Thursday. Which I got great news! The egg was 20x17!! So I got my HCG shot (trigger shot) to help with the ovulation and made an appointment for Friday afternoon for the IUI. We have been so excited! So last Friday we did the IUI. Joshua had to give them a sample of the guys and they tested it before we did it. I have been really nervous that both of us could be a problem. Well, I had nothing at all to worry about! His sperm count was around 41 million, which they would've been happy with 1 million and the mobility (how fast they swim) is at 95%, which normal is 20%. The procedure wasn't bad at all. I didn't get cramps from it. I am hoping it worked! I have to take a progesterone pill twice a day and not orally (sorry TMI but want to record everything!) for two weeks. We will find out soon if I am pregnant. I have told some people exactly when but don't want to tell everyone bc I won't be telling people til about 12 weeks if I'm pregnant so I'm not sure when I will blog about the results, just keep me in your prayers!!

Sorry if it sounds scatter-brained, trying to remember everything and it was very hard!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Small Update and Rant

So I went to the dr on Wed and the Femara didn't work. They called me on Thurs to see if I could start letrozol (sp?) that day and take for 5 days. Then I would come in on Tues to get more tests done and if those pills didn't work I would get a shot of letrozol. Well I was pretty excited until I remembered Joshua will be out of town for about 3 weeks. Yeah so scratch that idea. I get to start my cycle over again and try next month. Oh and we have been talking about adoption. If by the time he puts on Captain and we aren't close to getting pregnant we will start the adoption process.

Ok now for my next part. A friend told me I should write about what people shouldn't say to ladies that are dealing with what I'm going through. I understand some people have said some of the things to me do not take offense!!! This is really just to get off my chest.

1. Don't tell me to not stress over it. I am trying not to and by you saying that doesn't help. It's so hard to not stress when the only thing you have ever wanted to do is be a mother!

2. Never say it will happen one day. It might and might not. You are not God, he has chosen if it will or won't and I accept that.

3. Please please please don't tell me I can have your child. I don't think it is funny. Would you want your child to know you don't want him/her? I would give anything to have any kind of moment with my own child. So think of that when you are having a "tough" day.

What you can say is that you are praying or thinking of me. That always makes me feel good.

I'm not sorry if it sounds harsh bc that is how I feel but I am sorry if you take offense even though I said you shouldn't.

Ok I am done. Have a great night!